The laboratory is modern and most of the instruments are digitized. Facilities are available for material testing

  1. Cement
  2. Aggregates
  3. Concrete
  4. Concrete Blocks
  5. Pavement blocks, tiles
  6. Performance evaluation of Mineral admixtures, Plastisizers, Superplastisizers, Hyperplastisizers, Polymers,Epoxies, Water Proofing Compounds etc.
  7. Water test for suitability to concrete

Concrete Mix Design

  1. Microconcretes
  2. Self compacting concretes
  3. Silica fume concrete
  4. Metakaoline concrete
  5. Durability consideration
  6. Workability consideration
  7. Strength parameter
  8. Special concrete required for specific structural members

Chemical Analysis

  1. Chemical analysis of concrete for pH values, Chloride ingress, Sulphate ingress etc.
  2. Chemical analysis of Soil.
  3. Chemical analysis of water, Suitability for concrete

Geotechnical Investigation and Design of Foundations


  1. Bore hole drilling, collection of disturbed and undisturbed samples for further testing at laboratory
  2. Standard penetration, static cone penetration test and plate load tests.


1.Atterberg limits, grain size, triaxial, CBR and other relevant laboratory tests, design of suitable foundation and allowable bearing pressure.

Design of Pavements

  1. Carrying out CBR
  2. Compaction and in-situ density tests.
  3. Pavement design