Concrete Structural Forensic Consultants (CSFC) was established as a proprietary concern original contributions to forensic engineering and corrective innovations in both industrial and infrastructural projects.

While carrying out several diagnostic investigations of structures, a need for fast and reliable testing of material quality and the ensured workmanship provisions was frequently felt.

Our offices and laboratories are fully equipped with the latest computer hardware and software, many of which have been developed in-house with customized features.

Our Fields of Activities

:: Architectural services including interior design

:: Forensic engineering in civil structures

:: Structural design

:: Material testing and geotechnical investigations

:: Project/construction management

:: Proof consultancy for design, construction, specifications and detailed engineering

:: Technical presentations and publications

:: Valuation and arbitration

Areas of Operation

:: Residential buildings, townships and infrastructural development

:: Paper, steel plants and industrial structures

:: Commercial complexes and hospitals, educational and spiritual institutions

:: Bridges and flyovers

:: Chimneys, silos and special projects

:: Project/construction management

:: Physical and chemical testing of construction materials and chemicals,

geotechnical investigation

:: Non-destructive testing of structures, bridges and roads

:: Forensic engineering for all structures

:: Proof engineering

:: Valuation and arbitration