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Concrete Structural Forensic Consultants Since 1990


Investigation of structures and buildings

CSFC has long track of expertise in investigation and diagnosis of structures for their serviceability and performance.

Quality, Audit and Third Party Inspection

The quality auditing will establish, document and implement a programme for auditing which shall evaluate the adequacy of functions, systems and procedures.

Repair and Rehabilitation Services

More precision in diagnosis of structures will lead to cross effective structural rehabilitation process be it a structure or bridge.

Non Destructive Testing

This wing has been equipped with state of the art and latest in their series of Non Destructive Testing instruments procured from best manufactures across the world.

Investigation of Earth Quake Damaged Structures

The expertise in investigation of earthquake damaged structures is of very high order as we have carried out very elaborate diagnosis of structures.

Laboratory Investigation

The laboratory is modern and most of the instruments are digitized. Facilities are available for material testing

Concrete Structural Forensic Consultants

Concrete Structural Forensic Consultants (CSFC) was established as a proprietary concern original contributions to forensic engineering and corrective innovations in both industrial and infrastructural projects.

While carrying out several diagnostic investigations of structures, a need for fast and reliable testing of material quality and the ensured workmanship provisions was frequently felt.

Our offices and laboratories are fully equipped with the latest computer hardware and software, many of which have been developed in-house with customized features.


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